Full Compass Lowest Price Guarantee

You never have to worry about paying too much when you shop at We guarantee to match pricing on the products we sell for new, identical and immediately available products if you see them offered at a lower price. Please contact us if you find a lower price before purchasing.

We'll even honor that guarantee of lowest price for 30 days after you make a purchase. If you see a lower, publicly advertised price on a product you bought from us, simply send us that ad and we will issue you an in-store credit for the difference.

This guarantee applies to printed and internet ads. Custom quotations, verbal quotations, and contract purchases are not guaranteed, but please contact us; we can probably match the quote or offer a lower price.

This guarantee applies to new factory sealed in stock current model products offered by Authorized US Retail Dealers.

Excluded from this guarantee are:

Discontinued, closeout, demo, grey-market, counterfeit, unbundled, unilaterally priced items, auctions, used, open box or refurbished products, shipping, tax, warranty, free items, service and bundles. Also excluded from this guarantee are pricing errors, pricing after rebates or coupons, and items that are advertised as limited quantity.

Wholesale purchases for resale are not covered by our guarantee.

Some manufacturers prohibit discounts from authorized dealers on specific merchandise. The manufacturers and particular products that are covered changes over time, so we cannot list them here. We may limit quantities of items covered under our price guarantee.

Call or contact us for the best pricing on all your purchases!
Phone 800-356-5844

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