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Marshall Electronics CV343-CSB, Conference Room

Marshall Electronics CV343-CSB 2.5MP Full HD Compact Broadcast POV Camera With CS Mount

Marshall Electronics 3rd Generation CV343-CSB Broadcast Video POV Camera brings improvement on all aspects of video performance. Utilizing a state of the art 1/3-inch high-speed sensor packing 2,476,296 pixels (2.5 Megapixels) of ...
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ClearOne 910-001-013-W, Conference Room

ClearOne 910-001-013-W Ceiling Microphone Array Kit, White

The ClearOne 910-001-013-W  is a white ceiling microphone array kit for CONVERGE Pro and INTERACT Pro (includes RJ45 receptacle to Mini-Phoenix mixer adapter). Includes white microphone array, white ceiling mounting base, 12" white ...
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DBX ZC-1, Conference Room

DBX ZC-1 Zone Controller For DriveRack, Single Gang

The dbx ZC-1 provides programmable remote volume control for the DriveRack 220i, 260 and ZonePRO devices.The Zone Controllers offer extended utility to the DriveRack® and ZonePRO™ families. The nine Zone Controllers use analog DC ...
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DBX ZC-8, Conference Room

DBX ZC-8 Zone Controller With Source Selector And Volume Control

dbx's ZC-8 provides both programmable source selection and volume control to ZonePRO devices.The Zone Controllers offer extended utility to the DriveRack® and ZonePRO™ families. The nine Zone Controllers use analog DC voltage to ...
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Crestron PW-2407WU, Conference Room

Crestron PW-2407WU Wall Mount Power Pack, 24VDC, 0.75A, 2.1mm, Universal

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DSan PC-MICRO, Conference Room

DSan PC-MICRO PC Micro Remote Programmable Computer Controller

PC-Micro is a compact, remote, programmable computer controller. The PC-Micro has two on-board USB drivers to sync two computer presentations. The cue light responds reliably over distances of 250+ feet to the included transmitter. ...
5.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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Lowell RPC-15, Conference Room

Lowell RPC-15 Remote Power Control, 15A, 1 Duplex Outlet, 6' Cord

The Lowell RPC-15 is a remote power control that features a 15A (125VAC) duplex outlet with 6 ft. cord and plug. ETL Listed. Made in the USA with domestic and imported parts.Lowell RPC-15 Specifications: 15 Amps Outlet Type: 1 duplex ...
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Pro Co AV1B, Conference Room

Pro Co AV1B A/V Direct Box With 1/8" Input

Pro Co TradeTools AV1B Audio-Visual Interface allows the line-level outputs of audio and video playback devices, etc., to be connected to microphone inputs of house or portable P.A. systems for programs in school auditoriums, lecture ...
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DSan PCUE, Conference Room

DSan PCUE Perfect Cue Signaling System

The D'San PerfectCue™ is a light and sound signaling system. It enables a speaker to send cues to a projectionist for "next", "back" and "blank" using a wireless hand-held actuator.PerfectCue allows you to remotely control PowerPoint© ...
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Octasound RABX2, Conference Room

Octasound RABX2 Bluetooth And Aux Mixer, Cat 5 Install

The Octasound RABX2 is a easy to operate 2 channel mixer for any sound system. Simply pair a blueooth Class 3.0 device or use the Aux port for a MP3 Player, Laptop, Ipod or CD player interface. Turn up the volume! The Octasound RABX2 can ...
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Crestron CLW-SWEX-P-GRY-S, Conference Room

Crestron CLW-SWEX-P-GRY-S Cameo Wireless In-Wall Switch, 120V, Gray Smooth

Crestron in-wall dimmers and switches are modeled after the popular, modern look of Cameo® keypads. Available with adjustable button layouts and designer colors, the Cameo dimmers and switches are more versatile and affordable than ...
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Kramer VIA-GO, Conference Room

Kramer VIA-GO Wireless Presentation Device

The Kramer VIA GO wireless presentation device gives iOS, Android, Chromebook, PC, and Mac users instant wireless connectivity with advanced presentation technology. VIA GO features content streaming for crystal clear mirrored images and ...
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DBX ZC-FIRE, Conference Room

DBX ZC-FIRE Zone Controller For Fire Safety System

This remote device provides either output muting or programmable scene selection for the dbx ZonePro devices. Connection to the fire safety system is either through a relay or directly to the control voltage output. It has DIP switches ...
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Kramer VIA Connect PRO, Conference Room

Kramer VIA Connect PRO Wireless Presentation Hub

Make sharing and presenting in meetings easier with the Kramer VIA Connect PRO wireless collaboration and presentation solution. It converts any display at any location into a shared workspace for team collaboration. You can bring your own ...
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Xantech EN85K-XANTECH, Conference Room

Xantech EN85K-XANTECH Ensemble Universal IR Kit

The EN85K Ensemble from Xantech is a convertible IR Receiver Kit that can be adapted to almost any surface mount, flush mount or shelf mount application. It includes all of the parts necessary for installing a single-room IR Repeater ...
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DBX ZC-9, Conference Room

DBX ZC-9 Zone Controller With 8 Positions

This remote device provides rotary switch selection for the ZonePro 1260 and 1261. The remote has DIP switch identification and connection to the device being controlled is via CAT 5 cable and RJ-45 connectors.
5.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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Kramer C-A35M/IRRN-3, Conference Room

Kramer C-A35M/IRRN-3 3.5mm Male To IR Receiver Control Cable (3')

Kramer's C-A35M/IRRN is an IR receiver cable designed as a companion to a Kramer infrared repeater such as the PT-4iREX that has an external remote IR receiver input.
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ETC SH-10010, Conference Room

ETC SH-10010 10-button SmartLink Preset Station, White

SmartLink stations provide direct access to lighting presets and sequences. With Plug-and-Play addressing, you don't need to program the stations, but you can effortlessly change which presets they access. Using the two-wire topology-free ...
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Crestron C2N-SDC , Conference Room

Crestron C2N-SDC Compact Control System With Power Supply

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DSan PRO-2000, Conference Room

DSan PRO-2000 Limitimer PRO-2000 Speaker Timer System

Limitimer is an automated timekeeper that controls a remote signal light alerting speakers to the end of allotted time. Limitimer...Keeps time at lectures, forums and legal proceedings. Maintains pace of programs. Builds confidence that no ...
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Blackmagic Design Micro Converter Power Supply, Conference Room

Blackmagic Design Micro Converter Power Supply Power Supply - Micro Converter 5V2A

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DBX ZC-BOB, Conference Room

DBX ZC-BOB Break Out Box For DriveRack And ZonePro

The dbx ZC-BOB Zone Control Break Out Box uses analog DC voltage to provide logic control ranging from zone source selection, volume and muting, to program or scene selection and fire safety muting. Wired with readily available and ...
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Barco ClickShare Button, Conference Room

Barco ClickShare Button USB Wireless Interface Button

The most iconic components, ClickShare Buttons put the “Click” into ClickShare. Plug one of these USB devices into your laptop, start the application and click the button, and you are ready to share your content using the meeting ...
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Vaddio 535-2000-251, Conference Room

Vaddio 535-2000-251 Thin Profile Wall Mount For Polycom EagleEye IV Camera

This Thin Profile Wall Mount Bracket (part no. 535-2000-251) from Vaddio is specifically designed for use with the Cisco PrecisionHD camera. This black steel bracket has slotted mounting holes for leveling as well as two cable ...
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