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Yamaha VAY17000, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Yamaha VAY17000 Motorized Mono Fader For DM1000

Motorized mono fader for these Yamaha digital mixing consoles:  DM1000DM200001V96 02R96 M7CL LS9Also works with Steinberg CC121 control surface.
5.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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Midas PROFADER200MM , Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Midas PROFADER200MM Set Of 5 High-Endurance, Motorized 100mm Faders ( 200mm Cable )

Yamaha WZ608200, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Yamaha WZ608200 Fader For PM5D (Without Cable)

Fader without cable for Yamaha PM5D digital mixing console. For cable, see part# WZ7916000
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Yamaha WD866201, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Yamaha WD866201 Full Fader Bank PCB For M7CL

Yamaha M7CL digital mixing console full fader bank FDIN circuit board.
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QSC WP-001105-00, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

QSC WP-001105-00 Main PCB For PLX1104

Main circuit board for QSC PLX1104 power amplifier.
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Avid 9750-56442-00, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Avid 9750-56442-00 Channel Fader For SC48, 003, C24

Channel fader for these Avid mixing consoles:  SC48 003  C24 This fader will also fit Command 8, but the leads will have to be reversed. For more information on this please contact AVID
4.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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Yamaha VAW37400, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Yamaha VAW37400 Fader With Dust Cover For M7CL, QL1, QL5, LS9

Fader with dust cover for these Yamaha digital mixers.    M7CLQL1QL5
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PreSonus 410-XMEN-FAD8, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

PreSonus 410-XMEN-FAD8 Fader PCB Assembly For StudioLive 24.4.2

Fader circuit board assembly for PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 digital mixer. This part is sold "as is" with no additional technical support or warranty unless installed by an authorized service center.
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Yamaha GEO-S8FPB , Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Yamaha GEO-S8FPB Passive Filter PCB For NEXO GEO S8

Passive filter circuit board for Yamaha NEXO GEO S8 loudspeaker.
$188.46List Price: $240.81You Save 22%
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DBX 40-0016, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

DBX 40-0016 EQ Fader For 231B

EQ fader for DBX: 231B231V215B215V
5.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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Furman 120003-398, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Furman 120003-398 Replacement Bulb For PL Series

The Furman 120003-398 is a replacement bulb for their PL rackmount power conditioner series.
1.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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Soundcraft A522.100089, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Soundcraft A522.100089 Replacement Fader

Fader for these Soundcraft mixers:  Performer Series Si Compact Series Si Expression Series 
5.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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Aviom 0488-0013-0001F, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Aviom 0488-0013-0001F EtherCon 1-8 Out Jack For A-16D PRO

EtherConn 1-8 out jack for Aviom A-16D Pro A-Net distributor.
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Aviom A16II HP JACK, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Aviom A16II HP JACK 1/4" Output Jack For A16 And A16II

1/4" stereo headphones output jack for the Aviom A16 and A16-II personal monitors.
5.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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Mackie 2047271-00, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Mackie 2047271-00 18V DC Adaptor For Mix5, Mix8 (New Version) And Mix12FX

18v DC adaptor for the Mackie Mix 5 and Mix 8 (New Version) and Mix12FX mixers.  The Mix 5 and Mix 8 also come in a AC version.Please check your mixer before plugging in new power supply to prevent any damage. For AC version ...
2.5 / 5 ★★★★★
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Crown 135284-1, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Crown 135284-1 Low Power Supply PCB For CTS4200 And CTS8200A

Power supply circuit board for Crown CTS4200A and CTS8200A power amplifiers.
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Focusrite CBLE001032, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Focusrite CBLE001032 10-pin Lightning Cable For ITrack Solo

10 pin lightning cable for Focusrite iTrack Solo audio interface.
4.5 / 5 ★★★★★
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Jands JAZSC0605-016 , Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Jands JAZSC0605-016 Green Switch For Vista

Green switch cap for Jands Vista lighting console.
$4.50List Price: $5.00You Save 10%
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Yamaha ZK560800 , Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Yamaha ZK560800 TF1 Mono Slide Channel Fader Pot

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Alto HC01175 , Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Alto HC01175 Plug Adapter For TG00419

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Yamaha WH766501 , Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Yamaha WH766501 DA PCB Assembly For LS9-16 And LS9-32

DA circuit board assembly for the Yamaha LS9-16 and LSP-32 mixers.
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Allen & Heath AI8649, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Allen & Heath AI8649 Motorized Fader For GLD-80 And GLD-112

Motorized fader for these Allen & Heath digital mixers:    GLD-80 GLD-112 QU-16 QU-24 QU-32
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Datavideo G03570450106 , Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Datavideo G03570450106 DAC-70 Power Supply

Power supply for Datavideo DAC-70  SD/HD/3G-SDI up/down/cross converter.
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Focusrite TFRT001025, Mixers & Power Amplifier Parts

Focusrite TFRT001025 ISA 828 Transformer Power Tordial

With the Focusrite ISA 828 you can enjoy the benefits of Focusrite’s classic heritage sound in many ways, but one of the most cost-effective is with the ISA 828, which includes eight Focusrite transformer-based mic preamps in a compact ...
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