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Telex F.01U.154.848, Microphone Parts

Telex F.01U.154.848 Telex Beltpacks Main PCB

Main PCB for Telex BP1000 and BP1002 beltpacks.
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Yorkville CBL0003, Microphone Parts

Yorkville CBL0003 APEX 7-Pin XLR Mic Cable

7-pin XLR cable for APEX 460 large diaphragm studio condenser microphone.
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$26.95List Price: $27.35
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Audio-Technica 142412080 , Microphone Parts

Audio-Technica 142412080 AT8466 Stand Mount

AT8466 stand mount for the Audio-Technica AT2020 cardioid condenser microphone.
5.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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Sennheiser 572233 , Microphone Parts

Sennheiser 572233 MKE 2-4 And HSP2 Mic Cap (Long)

Sennheiser MKE 2-4 and HSP2 long version black mic cap. 
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Azden RCA-CM , Microphone Parts

Azden RCA-CM Cable For CM20D

Cable for Azden CM20D heavy-duty adjustable collar microphone.
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Shure UA400B, Microphone Parts

Shure UA400B 1/4 Wave Antenna, 470-752 MHz

Shure's UA400B is a 1/4 wave antenna for use with their SLX4, U4S, U4D and UC4 receivers. 470-752 mHz covers UB frequency range.
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$23.91List Price: $24.00
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Telex F.01U.146.124, Microphone Parts

Telex F.01U.146.124 3-Pin Connector Assembly For BP1002

Telex BP-1002 beltpack 3-pin connector assembly.
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Telex F.01U.110.908, Microphone Parts

Telex F.01U.110.908 Bottom Case With Clip For BP-325

Bottom case with clip for Telex BP-325 2-channel portable beltpack station.  
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Sennheiser 081435, Microphone Parts

Sennheiser 081435 Sennheiser Headphones Cable

Cable 3m 3.5mm jack for these Sennheiser headphones: HD265HD265-1HD525HD535-1HD454HD545-1HD565HD565-1HD500HD580-1HD600 
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Audio-Technica 234405210, Microphone Parts

Audio-Technica 234405210 Belt Clip For T310, T801, T1001, 1800 Series

Belt clip for these Audio-Technica wireless transmitters:   T310T801 T10011800 Series 
5.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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Shure 53A22140 , Microphone Parts

Shure 53A22140 Rack Mount Flat Plate QLXD4

Rack mount flat plate for the Shure QLXD4 digital wireless receiver.
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Telex F.01U.109.354, Microphone Parts

Telex F.01U.109.354 723439 Gray Shaft Knob For BTR800

Gray shaft knob 723439 for Telex BTR800 intercom base station. 
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Line 6 11-22-0005, Microphone Parts

Line 6 11-22-0005 G50 Antenna

Antenna for the Line 6 G50 relay receiver.
5.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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AKG 1040Z00020, Microphone Parts

AKG 1040Z00020 SH100 Shockmount For AKG PERCEPTION200 Microphone

AKG SH-100 shockmount for:    Perception 120 Perception 200 Perception 220 Perception 440
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Apex Electronics APEX575-AT-8521, Microphone Parts

Apex Electronics APEX575-AT-8521 Cable With AT8521 Connector For 575

Cable for the Apex 575 headmic with AT8521 connector.
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Audio-Technica P11686, Microphone Parts

Audio-Technica P11686 Power Supply For DA49

Audio-Technica ATW-DA49 power supply.
4.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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Shure 65A14936 , Microphone Parts

Shure 65A14936 Power Display Bezel For ULXD2

Power display bezel for the Shure ULXD2 handheld wireless microphone transmitter.
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HME 107G065, Microphone Parts

HME 107G065 Protective Pouch For All HM Electronics Beltpacks

This Santoprene Rubber Protective Pouch with internal clip is designed for use with all HM Electronics beltpacks.
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Line 6 30-27-0434, Microphone Parts

Line 6 30-27-0434 Wireless System Battery Cup

Wireless system battery cup from Line 6 for: XD-V35 XD-V55XD-V70XD-V75 THH12 XD-V30 Bottom logo is sold separately under part# 30-75-0072
4.9 / 5 ★★★★★
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Line 6 21-34-0254, Microphone Parts

Line 6 21-34-0254 HS70 Tan Cable

Tan cable for the Line 6 HS70 headset microphone.
4.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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Shure 95A2313, Microphone Parts

Shure 95A2313 Mic Pouch

Vinyl zipper pouch for the Shure SM57, SM58, SM11 or any other similar size microphones. Also works great for storing audio adapters, mic clips, extra batteries, drum keys and hardware.Dimensions: 4" x 10"
5.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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Sennheiser 540347 , Microphone Parts

Sennheiser 540347 SKP 100 G3 Complete Housing

Complete housing for the Sennheiser SKP 100 G3 plug-on transmitter.
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Blue A14200-00, Microphone Parts

Blue A14200-00 Lightning Cable For Spark Digital

Lightning cable for Blue Microphones Spark Digital studio-grade condenser microphone.  
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Line 6 50-02-5010, Microphone Parts

Line 6 50-02-5010 4-Pin Input Jack

4-pin input jack assembly for these Line 6 transmitters: G50G90 V55L V55HS V70L V70HS V75L V75HS TPB12 
4.8 / 5 ★★★★★
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