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Rosendahl MIF 4, Signal Processing

Rosendahl MIF 4 Professional MIDI Timecode Interface

Digital audio workstations as well as lighting and show control software make use of MTC midi timecode for synchronization. The new mif4 provides professional interfacing to standard LTC (SMPTE) timecode. Rosendahl sync algorithms suppress ...
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DBX 131s, Signal Processing

DBX 131s Single-Channel 31-Band 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer

The dbx 131s includes a single 31-band channel of 1/3-octave equalization, +/- 12 dB input gain, switchable +/- 6 dB or +/- 12 dB boost/cut range, 20mm nonconductive sliders, an intuitive user interface, and output level metering. From its ...
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Klark Teknik DN9630 , Signal Processing

Klark Teknik DN9630 AES50 To USB 2.0 Converter With 48 Bidirectional Channels

The Klark Teknik DN9630 is an AES50 to USB 2.0 Converter with up to 48 bidirectional channels.The DN9630 greatly simplifies the connection of computers to AES50 audio networks to provide simultaneous multi-channel computer audio recording ...
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DBX 266xs, Signal Processing

DBX 266xs Dual-Channel Compressor, Expander And Gate

Adding a dbx® 266xs Compressor/Expander/Gate to your live sound rig or studio gives you more dynamic control to help create a more polished, professional sound. Having compression in your audio chain gives you the ability to smooth out ...
5.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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DBX 231s, Signal Processing

DBX 231s 2-Channel, 31-Band, 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer

The dbx 231s includes two 31-band channels of 1/3-octave equalization, ±12 dB input gain, switchable ±6 dB or ±12 dB boost/cut range, 20mm nonconductive sliders, an intuitive user interface, and output level metering. From its extended ...
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ART EQ341, Signal Processing

ART EQ341 2-Channel15 Band Graphic Equalizer

The EQ341 Dual Channel 15 band 2/3 octave graphic equalizer features: constant Q circuitry with a 3% center frequency accuracy, 20mm center detent sliders, selectable boost/cut range of 6dB or 12dB, active balanced and unbalanced input and ...
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DBX 215s, Signal Processing

DBX 215s 2-Channel 15-Band 2/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer

The dbx 215s includes two 15-band channels of 2/3-octave equalization, ±12 dB input gain, switchable ±6 dB or ±12 dB boost/cut range, 20mm nonconductive sliders, an intuitive user interface, and output level metering. From its extended ...
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Klark Teknik KT-DANTE64, Signal Processing

Klark Teknik KT-DANTE64 Dante Connectivity PCI Card

The KT-DANTE64 Network Module is a groundbreaking, Ethernet compliant audio networking module, compatible with the KLARK TEKNIK DN9650 and DN9652 Network Bridges.  Using technology developed by Audinate, the KT-DANTE64 Network Module ...
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Intelix DL-DAC2 , Signal Processing

Intelix DL-DAC2 Digital To Analog Audio Converter

The Intelix DigitaLinx DL-DAC2 is a PCM two channel to stereo audio converter. The DL-DAC2 features optical and digital coaxial input audio connections. Analog output is simultaneously available on the 3.5mm jack and the stereo RCA ...
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Stewart Audio DSP4X4, Signal Processing

Stewart Audio DSP4X4 DSP Processor Stand Alone

Stewart Audio's DSP 4x4 is a versatile, full-featured DSP ideal for small to medium installations where 4 channels are the right amount. With a full array of DSP blocks designed to accept line or mic level (selectable phantom power). ...
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Behringer ADA8200, Signal Processing

Behringer ADA8200 8-Channel Microphone Preamp With AD/DA And ADAT Output

The ADA8200 builds on the proud legacy of Behringer's ADA8000. Behringer improved it by upgrading to reference-class Cirrus Logic converters and Midas-designed Mic Preamps, making the ADA8200 the natural choice for musicians ...
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DBX 1231, Signal Processing

DBX 1231 2-Channel 31-Band Graphic Equalizer

The dbx 12 Series were designed to meet the needs of the most demanding sound reinforcement environments, while offering the simplicity of straightforward controls. The 1231 provides standard features like dual-channels, 31 1/3 octave ...
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Gefen GTV-DIGAUD-2-AAUD, Signal Processing

Gefen GTV-DIGAUD-2-AAUD Audio Digital S/PDIF To Analog RCA L/R Audio Converter

Gefen's Digital To Analog Audio converter box takes your coaxial/optical (S/PDIF or TOSLink) digital audio source and converts it to standard analog left/right audio, available for connection to an external device such as an amplifier ...
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TC Electronic VOICELIVE-PLAY, Signal Processing

TC Electronic VOICELIVE-PLAY VoiceLive Play Harmony And Effects Pedal

The TC Helicon VoiceLive Play gives you hundreds of song & artist presets to choose from, helping you create amazing vocals. Plug in your MP3 player and sing along with your favorite tracks or create instant HIT effects for your own ...
5.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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BBE 882i, Signal Processing

BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer

The 882i is beneficial to any application using balanced (XLR and ¼” TRS) inputs and outputs. Also features Hardwire bypass and a Bypass switch for comparison of processed to unprocessed signal.The Sonic Maximizer restores harmonics and ...
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TC Electronic SINGTHING, Signal Processing

TC Electronic SINGTHING SingThing. All-In-One Vocal Processor With Speaker, Microphone, And Cables

You shouldn't need a ton of complicated equipment and an engineering degree and to make your songs sound great. That's where TC HELICON's SingThing. comes in. It combines pro-quality vocal effects, instrument connections, a powerful ...
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TC Electronic MIC-MECHANIC-2, Signal Processing

TC Electronic MIC-MECHANIC-2 Mic Mechanic 2 Vocal Effects Stompbox

TC Helicon Mic Mechanic 2 is a compact vocal toolbox in a easy-to-use pedal. As your personal sound engineer, Mic Mechanic 2 provides time-tested tone and effects you can take anywhere to always sound your best.Reverb simulates a physical ...
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Klark Teknik EQP-KT, Signal Processing

Klark Teknik EQP-KT Classic Tube Equalizer With Switchable Frequency Selection

Klark Teknik's EQP-KT Classic Tube Equalizer is Klark Teknik's tribute to the legendary classic Pultec EQP-1A, but in an affordable, and much more modern form. Equally at home in your studio and/or your live rack, its heart is a ...
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Behringer DEQ2496, Signal Processing

Behringer DEQ2496 24-Bit / 96 KHz EQ / RTA Processor

The Behringer ULTRACURVE PRO DEQ2496 is an ultra high-precision digital 24-bit/96 kHz EQ/RTA mastering processor. Its extremely high audio performance makes it ideal for audiophile mastering and PA purposes. There are 4 concurrently ...
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Hosa ODL-312, Signal Processing

Hosa ODL-312 Digital Audio Interface, Optical (Toslink) To AES/EBU (XLR)

The ODL-312 Digital Audio Interface by Hosa Technology allows simultaneous transfer between S/PDIF optical and AES/EBU digital audio formats.  It is ideal for interconnecting digital audio workstations, recorders, and other digital ...
4.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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AJA ADA4, Signal Processing

AJA ADA4 4 Channel Bi-Directional Audio A-D And D-A Mini Converter

The AJA ADA4 4-Channel Bi-Directional Audio A/D & D/A Converter can be configured as a 4-channel A/D, a 4-channel D/A, 2-channel A/D and 2-channel D/A, or as an AES synchronizer. The ADA4 can accept an AES11, wordclock or video ...
4.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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DBX IEQ31, Signal Processing

DBX IEQ31 2-Channel 31-Band, Graphic Equalizer With AFS

The iEQ-31 is a dual 31-band, 1/3 octave EQ. The iEQ series offers state-of-the-art digital EQ performance and specs with an analog look and feel. From its amazing 10Hz to 22kHz frequency response, to its 113dB dynamic range and Advanced ...
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TC Electronic M100-TC-ELECTRONICS, Signal Processing

TC Electronic M100-TC-ELECTRONICS Desktop Multi-effects Processor

The TC Electronics M100 is a stereo multi-effects processor with legendary TC reverbs and effects. If you want to add the digital magic that puts the perfect finishing touch on your live or studio sound, tap into the incredible M100. So ...
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ART EQ355, Signal Processing

ART EQ355 Dual 31-Band EQ With XLR, 1/4", RCA Connections

The Model 355 Dual 31-band 1/3 Octave Graphic Equalizer may be used in a variety of applications such as live sound, recording studios, instrument racks, DJ sound systems and fixed equipment installations. Designed to interface into any ...
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