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Goldline ZM1P, Test Equipment & Tools

Goldline ZM1P Impedance Meter With Overload Protection

Goldline's ZM1P measures the impedance of loudspeakers and entire distributed loudspeaker systems as well as individual components (resistors, capacitors, inductors).  It will also calculate the wattage that will be produced on ...
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Crestron DM-8G-CRIMP-WG-START, Test Equipment & Tools

Crestron DM-8G-CRIMP-WG-START Starter Package - DM-8G-CRIMP-WG & 100-Pack Of DM-8G-CONN-WG

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RF Venue RFEXP-PA , Test Equipment & Tools

RF Venue RFEXP-PA RF Explorer Pro Audio Edition - RF Spectrum Analyzer

The RF Explorer® Pro Audio Edition from RF Venue is an all-new portable RF spectrum analyzer designed specifically for use with wireless microphones and in-ear monitor systems.Available exclusively through RF Venue dealers and ...
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Whirlwind QBOX, Test Equipment & Tools

Whirlwind QBOX Audio Line Tester

Since its introduction in 1997 the Qbox has become one of Whirlwind's most successful "Black Boxes" ever.The Qbox is the all-in-one audio line tester ideal for applications such as live sound, maintenance, installation work - anywhere ...
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Furman RS-2, Test Equipment & Tools

Furman RS-2 Momentary-Contact Remote System Control Switch Panel

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Goldline ZM1-GOLDLINE, Test Equipment & Tools

Goldline ZM1-GOLDLINE Impedance Meter

NOTE: The ZM1P is pictured above in lieu of an available photo for the ZM1.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.Useful to sound contractors and installers, Goldline's ZM1 measures the impedance of loudspeakers ...
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Whirlwind CAB DRIVER, Test Equipment & Tools

Whirlwind CAB DRIVER Speaker And Polarity Checker

The Whirlwind Cab Driver checks the operation of the speaker components within enclosures. A pink noise signal source is sent through pushbutton selectors to an assortment of speaker connectors, including Speakon NL8 and NL4, ...
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Caig Labs G5S-6, Test Equipment & Tools

Caig Labs G5S-6 DeoxIT Gold G5 Spray

ProGold is specifically formulated to improve conductivity and provide long- lasting protection on gold, precious metals and their base metals. It conditions connectors, contacts, and other metal surfaces, thus enhancing the conductivity ...
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Caig Labs F5S-H6, Test Equipment & Tools

Caig Labs F5S-H6 DeoxIt FaderLube F5 5% Solution Spray

Caig Labs' FaderLube F5 Spray is a precision lubricant for conductive plastics and carbon-based controls (faders, slide potentiometers, conductive membranes - mouse pads and other mechanisms with sliding surfaces).  It replenishes ...
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Belden DBPSAKIT , Test Equipment & Tools

Belden DBPSAKIT Tech Express Kit

This kit contains (1) CPLCRBC-B Compression Tool with adapter tips and (1) PSA59/6 Cable Strip Tool with extra blade cartridge. These tools work together as a complete integration system with F-Conn's DB series of compression ...
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Goldline PN2W, Test Equipment & Tools

Goldline PN2W Pink/White Noise Generator

Goldline's PN2W Pink/White Noise Generator provides continuous pink or white noise. White noise has an equal amount of energy per Hz of bandwidth. Pink noise has an equal amount of energy per octave of bandwidth.Goldline PN2W ...
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DBX CT3, Test Equipment & Tools

DBX CT3 Advanced Cable Tester

The CT3 advanced cable tester from dbx allows you to evaluate a large variety of cables with ease. This versatile tester offers many common connectors such as RJ45, RJ11, MIDI, Speaker Twist, XLR, RCA Phono, ...
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Caig Labs D5S-6, Test Equipment & Tools

Caig Labs D5S-6 DeoxIT Contact Cleaner, 5% Spray, 5 Oz

Physical and chemical changes in the surface condition of electrical or electronic connectors are primary causes of degraded performance of components and equipment. When contact surfaces are exposed to dust, smoke, soot, and other solids ...
4.9 / 5 ★★★★★
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Furman RS-1, Test Equipment & Tools

Furman RS-1 Maintained-Contact Remote System Control Switch Panel

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TC Electronic CLARITY-M-STEREO , Test Equipment & Tools

TC Electronic CLARITY-M-STEREO Stereo Audio Meter With 7" Display And USB Connection

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NTI MR-PRO, Test Equipment & Tools

NTI MR-PRO Enhanced Analog Audio Signal Generator

The NTI MR-PRO is an extremely powerful analog audio generator to satisfy every need for the professional engineer. Proprietary user wave forms may be loaded via USB into the internal flash memory.Innovative and unique technology ...
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LynTec SS-2LRP , Test Equipment & Tools

LynTec SS-2LRP 1RU Locking Rack Plate Switch Set

The LynTec SS-2LRP features one SS-2 switch set on a single rack plate. Designed for the MS and RPC series panels, this set includes a locking switch, on/off buttons, two keys and a tumbler lock position label. The key may be removed ...
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Rapco LTIBLOX , Test Equipment & Tools

Rapco LTIBLOX 1/8"-M To XLRM Line Level Converter

Computer interface BLOX
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Whirlwind QBOX AES, Test Equipment & Tools

Whirlwind QBOX AES Signal Tester For Analog And Digital Audio

From Whirlwind comes the Qbox-aes, a portable multipurpose testing device for professional, efficient troubleshooting of AES-3, S/PDIF and analog audio signals.The Qbox-aes consists of two sections (Send and ...
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Canare TCD-35CA, Test Equipment & Tools

Canare TCD-35CA Single Die Set For Crimp Tool, 35CA

For connectors BNC, F and RCA.  Works with L-2.5CFB, L-3C2VS, L-3CFB, V-3C, V-3CFB,V-5C, A/V Combo Series, 1694A and 1695A Cables .  Use BCP-C3B, BCP-C3F, BCP-LC3F, BCP-C32, BCP-C41, BCP-C5B, BCP-C53A, BCP-C55A crimps.Note: ...
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Canare TC-1, Test Equipment & Tools

Canare TC-1 Handheld Crimp Tool W/O Die Set

Interchangeable die setsScissor ratchet action Emergency release lever Adjustable crimp force via drag washer Hardened Swedish Steel construction Rated at 50,000 dura-cycle lifespan
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Galaxy Audio CM140, Test Equipment & Tools

Galaxy Audio CM140 DB Meter, 0.1dB Resolution

Galaxy Audio's CHECK MATE is an inexpensive tool that meets the same IEC 651 Type 2 standards of SPL meters that cost 5 times as much or more.  The CHECK MATE allow musicians, sound contractors, and others to measure ...
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Full Compass FCS-CARABINER-TOOL, Test Equipment & Tools

Full Compass FCS-CARABINER-TOOL Carabiner Multi-Tool

A great tool that's handy in a pinch!  Laser engraved with the Full Compass logo and made of durable, high-quality aluminum.  This carabiner features a pocket knife, fold-away scissors and a screwdriver/nail file.  It's ...
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RF Venue RACKPRO, Test Equipment & Tools

RF Venue RACKPRO RackPro, 1RU Spectrum Analyzer

A full-featured hardware spectrum analyzer, the RF Explorer® RackPRO from RF Venue fills 1RU of rack space and is designed for managing and monitoring any wireless audio system from a laptop or equipment rack. Powerful ...
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