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K&M 210/9-BLACK, Stands, Racks & Mounts

K&M 210/9-BLACK 35"-63" Microphone Stand With 18"-30" Boom Arm, Black

A more compact version of their classic 210/2, K&M's 210/9 combines the long-legged 201A/2 microphone stand and the 211/1 telescopic boom arm. Equipped with a sturdy zinc die-cast tripod base with foldable legs, the ...
1.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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ATM PM-24-6UP-G, Stands, Racks & Mounts

ATM PM-24-6UP-G UniFrame Outdoor Pole Speaker Mount For 6" Diameter Poles Or Larger

The ATM Flyware PoleStar PM-24-6UP-G UniFrame is a complete mounting solution for outdoor loudspeakers. Its design combines the attributes of the PoleStar stainless “a-la-carte” version into just two models produced  in steel ...
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Ultimate Support TS-90B, Stands, Racks & Mounts

Ultimate Support TS-90B TeleLock Speaker Stand

The TeleLock™ Series speaker stands from Ultimate Support are extraordinarily strong yet lightweight due to its over-sized heavy wall aluminum tubing. They're everything you'd expect from an Ultimate Support speaker stand - they're ...
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ATM MM-120, Stands, Racks & Mounts

ATM MM-120 MultiMount Pan And Tilt Speaker Wall Mount, 120lb WLL, Black

Allen Products' MultiMount MM-120 Speaker Mount supports speakers weighing up to 120 lbs., is fully adjustable in both pan and tilt aiming, and comes with a telescoping wall arm to adjust the relative distance between the ...
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K&M 259, Stands, Racks & Mounts

K&M 259 20"-28" Microphone Stand With 18"-30" Telescoping Boom

The K&M Stands 259 is a telescoping microphone stand with telescoping boom for bass drums or other special applications.K&M Stands 259 Specifications: Boom Length: 18" to 30"Weight: 5 lbs.Stand Height: 20" to 28"
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On-Stage SSP7900, Stands, Racks & Mounts

On-Stage SSP7900 45-74.75" Aluminum Speaker Stand Pack With 2 Stands And Carry Bag

On-Stage Stands SSP7900 includes 2 all-aluminum speaker stands and 1 speaker stand bag. The bag features a drawstring closure, an adjustable shoulder carrying strap, and an interior center divider. Holds 2 speaker ...
5.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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Middle Atlantic D2, Stands, Racks & Mounts

Middle Atlantic D2 2RU Rack Drawer

The Middle Atlantic Products D2 is a fully enclosed two space rack drawer with inside dimensions measuring 15 7/8" wide by 14 1/2" deep, the DC, D and TD series drawers feature spring-loaded latches and rugged, straightforward ...
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ATM PM-BAND-90     , Stands, Racks & Mounts

ATM PM-BAND-90 PoleStar Pole And Column 90" Banding Kit

All band kits include two stainless steel straps and fasteners.
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K&M 25950, Stands, Racks & Mounts

K&M 25950 11" Short Microphone Stand With 16.7"-28.5" Boom Arm

K&M Stands' 25950 features an extra-low design for bass drums or other special use. It is very short and its heavy legs provide maximum stability. Legs are foldable for easy transport. Comes with two-piece boom arm 21140. ...
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Gator GRW-DRWWRLSS, Stands, Racks & Mounts

Gator GRW-DRWWRLSS 2RU, 14.2" Deep Lockable Rack Drawer With 4x Wireless Mic System Insert

The Gator Cases Rackworks Wireless Microphone Rack Drawer is 14.2" deep, lockable and features an interior with an insert for 4 wireless microphone systems & accessories.Gator Cases Rackworks Wireless Microphone Drawer ...
4.5 / 5 ★★★★★
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Electro-Voice ZLX-BRKT, Stands, Racks & Mounts

Electro-Voice ZLX-BRKT Wall Mount Bracket For ZLX Loudspeaker

The Electro-Voice ZLX-BRK is a wallmount bracket for the ZLX Series loudspeakers. Fits the ZLX-12, ZLX-12P, ZLX-15, and ZLX-15P.
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Chief VCMU, Stands, Racks & Mounts

Chief VCMU Heavy Duty Projector Mount, Universal

The Chief Manufacturing VCMU mount provides the strong support you need for mounting heavy LCD/CRT projectors. Micro adjustments allow you to quickly achieve registration. The VCMU mount includes the universal HBU bracket that is ...
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Ultimate Support TS-99B, Stands, Racks & Mounts

Ultimate Support TS-99B Tall TeleLock Stand

The Ultimate Support TS-99B TeleLock® Series speaker stand is strong yet lightweight due to its oversized heavy wall aluminum tubing. It's 100% field serviceable and easy to set up and take down. Most importantly, the stand's ...
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Peerless SR575M , Stands, Racks & Mounts

Peerless SR575M SmartMount Full Featured Flat Panel Cart For 32" To 75" TVs

The Peerless-AV SR575M SmartMount® Full Featured Flat Panel Cart is equipped with a univeral display adaptor, component shelf and pre-assembled base with 4" casters. Height adjustment of the display and component shelf ...
$599.00List Price: $749.00You Save 20%
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Middle Atlantic D3, Stands, Racks & Mounts

Middle Atlantic D3 3RU Rack Drawer

Fully enclosed with inside dimensions measuring 15-7/8" wide by 14-1/2" deep, Middle Atlantic's D3 drawer features spring-loaded latches and a rugged, straightforward construction.  Faceplates come with a black brushed and ...
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On-Stage MS7201B, Stands, Racks & Mounts

On-Stage MS7201B 33-60" Round Base Microphone Stand, Black

On-Stage Stands' MS7201B features a 7 lb sand-cast base, a die-cast zinc clutch, and 5/8"-27 solid threaded upper shaft.Specifications: Adjustable Height: 33"-60"Base Diameter: 10"Base Weight: 7 lbs
5.0 / 5 ★★★★★
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ATM MM-060, Stands, Racks & Mounts

ATM MM-060 MultiMount Pan And Tilt Speaker Wall Mount, 60lb WLL, Black

The Allen Products MM-060 Speaker Wall Mount attaches both to the back and bottom panels of loudspeakers and aims them from walls and other vertical structures.Once secured, the mount offers up to 180 degrees of pan angle adjustments and ...
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ATM PM-MOUNT-6UP, Stands, Racks & Mounts

ATM PM-MOUNT-6UP PoleStar Pole Adapter For Minimum 6" Diameter Poles, Stainless

The Adaptive Technologies PM-MOUNT-6UP is for 6" diameter and larger poles and columns. This all-stainless, natural finish, mount supports up to 300 lbs and accommodates the PM Series Support Arm and Dual Adapter and includes hardware for ...
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ATM MM-016-BT, Stands, Racks & Mounts

ATM MM-016-BT MultiMount Pan And Tilt Speaker Wall Mount, 25lb WLL, Black

The MultiMount™ MM-016, part of the MultiMount series from Allen Products/Adaptive Technologies, quickly mounts, can aim loudspeakers weighing up to 20 lbs (9 kg) to walls, from ceilings, overhangs, and other structural surfaces. It ...
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Chief RPAU, Stands, Racks & Mounts

Chief RPAU Universal Projector Ceiling Mount With SLBU Interface Bracket

Chief Manufactuing's RPAU has all of the great features of their RPAO and even more. This Universal Projector Mount is coupled with the SLBU Universal Interface Bracket. This 2nd Generation Interface Technology has enhanced ...
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K&M 213, Stands, Racks & Mounts

K&M 213 4.5'-7' Hand Crank Speaker Stand

Heavy-duty steel tubing. Variable height-adjustment by hand crank. Extra safety provided by a locking screw and bolt. Extension tube with internal M10 thread for fastening light crossbars. GS-approved for loads up to 110 lbs (50 kg). ...
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ATM SAS-200-24, Stands, Racks & Mounts

ATM SAS-200-24 Steerables Indoor Speaker Wall Suspension And Aiming System, 200lb WLL

The SAS-200-24 from Allen Products is an efficient, load rated universal wall arm system for mounting objects, such as loudspeakers weighing up to 200 lbs (91 kg) to walls and other vertical structures. A loudspeaker can easily ...
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Premier CTM-MS2, Stands, Racks & Mounts

Premier CTM-MS2 Universal Flat-Panel Mount For 37"-61" Flatscreens

Premier Mounts' universal series mounts feature their Griplate System (patent pending).  This system supports the appropriate mounting hardware with teeth set in detents along mounting bracket.Premier Mounts CTM-MS2 Features: 16" ...
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Ultimate Support PRO-T-BOGO-PROMO , Stands, Racks & Mounts

Ultimate Support PRO-T-BOGO-PROMO 2 Mic Stands With Tripod Base

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